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From: Peanut Shields
Subject: Forever And Always Hi my name is Ryan and this is my story. (Fictional) It all started back in High school. I was mixing it up with some of
my closest friends when he walked in. Nathan Snedden the guy everyone
wanted, but who can help it: the guys a god. He walked in with his dark
brown Italian hair cut in a fauxhawk, with his dreamy hazel green eyes."Hey Kenny do you have an extra young nudepreteen modelsites
pair of spandex on you""No, I don't think so, ask coach""I can't, he'll kick me off relays if he finds out i don't have a matching
pair again""well what color are they wearing?""white". When he couldn't find a pair i knew he was going to ask
around."Does anyone have a pair of white spandex?" i was pretending to listen preteen cheerleaders nude to
my ipod so he would talk to me one on one, a few minutes passed and he
walked over to me "hey Ry do you have an extra pair of spandex?""yeah i do" and with that said i handed him a pair of black spandex.""umm do you think you can take off your white one and give it to me for
relays". "Sure" i walked into the locker room with him following me.
"thanks i owe you big time your a life saver""the kind you eat ?""ha ha i don't think so" as i changed he stripped down too, to a pair of
tight black briefs. I gave him the spandex which looked funny on him
considering I'm 5'3 and he is 6'0. " oh these are a little tight." he said
as he grabbed himself. "yeah sorry about that" being that I'm 5'3 and 120
lbs and he preteen model results
is 6'0 at 197 lbs i didn't think they were going to fit him.
"What events are you doing today Ry?""um 300 hurdles triple and 100 hurdles, what about you?""400 relays, 200, long, and preteen nymphet galleries high jump""wow 4 events, that preteen japan photo must be rough""well your doing 3 and two of them are really hard""true". We walked out of the locker room and stood in line waiting for the
buses. After a half hour the bus finally came."Whats going on?" coach said. "We are very sorry but there will be only one
bus". That means everyone will have to share a seat. "Hey do you mind if i
sit with you" nate said. "Alright, Alright, Alright"(i had a problem with
saying alright more than once). We boarded the buses and i took the middle
window seat and Nate sat next to me. I turned on my ipod and started
playing some taylor swift."what'cha listening to?""Nothing Nate". (being a guy and liking taylor swift was something you
really don't blurt out) "so are you going to place today""I don't it I'm only a sophomore and your a junior you have more experience
than me.""Ry don't think preteen girls torrents that way you placed last meet.""By luck." i stated humming and he was talking and i couldn't hear him
cause the music got louder. " Ok i know your listening to somethin let me
hear it." he started hot preteens pics to tickle me and i jumped and squirmed out of my seat,
causing my ipod to change songs. "Is this Taylor swift?""Yeah it is " i looked down ready to hear nasty comments when he started to
ask more questions."What song is this?""forever and always""cool i like it". I looked at him in shock then we hit a bump and i bounced
a few feet in the air. We finally made it to Crestwood and we were
demolished 134 to 97. Nate placed a few times but i didn't at all. We were
walking back to the bus when i realized i didn't have my ipod.. I couldn't get out of my seat when all of a hentai underage preteen
sudden Nate sat down
with my ipod. "Did you have my ipod all the while""Yeah and i found a really good song" he started playing it "your on the
phone with your girlfriend she's upset shes going off about something that
you said"" i like this song" ( why can't you see you belong with me Nate). It was a
long way back and i started to drift off to sleep ( can you blame me it was
past 9 and i ran all day today) i lied my head on his chest unknowingly and
fell asleep. I woke up to Nate telling me we are back at our high
school. "crap i forgot to call for a ride" i said out loud""do you need one?""That would be amazing!" it was now past 11. "do you mind if i stop and
get something to eat?""no" he pulled into mickey d's and we walked inside. "can i get a big mac
with a medium fry and a large coke""for here or to go ""go""He got his food and came back to the car before he started the care he
heard a strange noise. grrppbr my stomach was growling. " are you hungry?""yes""Hold on i'll go get you something""No you can't your giving me a ride home and now your paying for food.
"It's ok believe me, preteen japan photo now tell me what you want or i'll drop you off in the
middle of nowhere""i guess a snack wrap""Is that it ?""yes" a few minutes passed and he came back with a wrap and a small drink.
I didn't know what kind of wrap you wanted so i got you a crispy honey
mustard.""Wow""Wow what?" 'Thats my favorite kind of wrap""cool i also got you a small mango raspberry shake""Thanks so much""Don't thank me yet,where you live there is a curfew and since Im only 18 i
can't be driving at this hour so your going to stay at my place"
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